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Dear John & Tanya

I just wanted to thank you again for the empathy and support I got from you after S passed away. You really went out of your way to make things less stressful for me and I  appreciate that!


Dear John & Mrs. Nelson

We want to say thank you for all that you have done for our family in the last week. We would not be able to do it without you. From picking a casket for (husband) to organizing the whole service in Roseburg, everything was perfect. Thank you again!

Sincerely, the G. Family



Thanks for setting up (family member) celebration. We had so many compliments. You lifted our burden.

Sincerely. CK



We want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your kindness and compassionate support as we prepared for our mothers funeral. You made a very difficult time just a bit easier to handle. We know that Mom was treated with great care, and the funeral was beautiful and comforting. Thank you for your part in that.

With gratitude,

The D Family



I just wanted to write to say Thank You Again. It was such a difficult time and you were the light at the end for us.

S & T (JB Family)

So many thanks



I was and still am over whelmed by your service and love to (my husband) and I. Thank you for a peaceful and beautiful service for (my husband)!

Much Love, FM


Dear John & Tanya

We’ve deeply appreciated all your kind professional yet friendly help in our time of loss. You two really helped us- Thank You-

D & O and children and families


Thank you for taking care of my friend.



Mr. & Mrs. Nelson

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness to our family during this time of loss.

Your kindness has meant so much as we worked our way through this painful process.


ALB and Family


Mr. Nelson:

Thank you again for your considerable help and kindness.

May you and your family have a good holiday.



Thank you so much for arranging Mom's service. It was just the way my Mother would have liked it. My teenage granddaughter liked Rev. Berney... I appreciated your attention to all the details that make a sad day easier.



John I want to thank you for the care & compassion that you extended to our family after my Dad’s death! Your careful packing and labeling of his ashes made our journey to Punch Bowl (National Cemetery of the Pacific) much easier. Even the TSA agents at PDX were impressed and said you made their job so much easier!

The family of B.S.


Dear Sir/Madam

Your caring and thoughtfulness is truly appreciated in our days of sadness…




Dear John & Tanya,

Thank you form out hearts for everything you have done for our beloved mama and our family--

Th time you let us have with our mama that Saturday, (date) is time that was desperately needed without being rushed, and,  were patient and compassionate about this-- words cannot express our appreciation enough -- nor how much it meant, and we will always remember the time we had to be with mama that day.

Friends and family said how beautiful mama looked when we all came to see her the other day, and she was beautiful and looked like "mam -- Thank you again John- ...

G, B & H

John and Tanya

Thank you so much for your compassion and guidance in the recent loss of our beloved (Husband and Father). You made a difficult time much easier for all of us. We are forever grateful

MJ and Family


Dear John & Tanya

Thank you for all of your care and thoughtfulness during our difficult time. We appreciated your kindness and great service!

Sincerely, T,R & F


John & Tanya

Thanks for all your help and guidance. We were so clueless about what needed to be done. Your knowledge and patience were invaluable to us.

The “M” Family


Dear John & Tanya

Thank you so much for your loving care towards “G” and also to us in our time of need. We will always remember your kindness.

Sincerely, J & C


Dr. Mr. Nelson,

Thanks and God bless! Thank you for everything

WF & Family


John (Nelson’s)

Sending my sincere thanks for all your services you helped me with in memory of my angel NGD. Everything turned out beautiful. The closing ceremony is something I have held on to so, so many tears to accomplish and thank to you and the cemetery it was beautiful. Always will be grateful.



Thank you for making our mom look beautiful and for all your efforts to relieve our sorrow. You and your wife did a remarkable job.

EE and Family


John, A and I appreciate all that you did to expedite the services for (our son). I will remember how calm and quietly supportive you were the night of his death, waiting for us to say goodbye and release his body. Our families were impressed by the professionalism of your organization and meeting our needs.



Dear  Mr. (John)

Thank you for the amazing urn for B’s cremation! It is absolutely perfectly befitting a man of his stature. We could not be happier! We want to tell you how much we appreciated the time and care you took with each detail for us as needed


C, B, & RD


Tanya & John,

Thank you for the caring way that you handled our mother’s funeral. We appreciate all that you did for us.

The Family of FB


Dear Mr. Nelson

… In behalf of B’s South Carolina family, I want to thank you for going above and beyond your normal duties to arrange this very special tribute and honor for our dear cousin at his burial.

With much gratitude for your kindness and thoughtfulness,




During a time like this we realize how much our friends mean to us. Your kind expression of sympathy will always be remembered.

The Family of Mr. P.



Your kind words and understanding has been very grateful. You and your colleagues handle our situation with love and understanding. Thank You!

The family of P”G”S


Thank you very much for your help at this time!



To John & Staff

Thank You so much,


CL Family


John & Tanya

You both made a difficult time relatively easy. I’m not sure what all you did to make the service go smoothly but you must have done it, because it all worked.

With Appreciation,

AK Family


Dear Brother Nelson,

I just wanted to thank you and your wife again for your professionalism and compassion.

Everything went smoothly, the weather was perfect—Mommy would have been so pleased—

Thank you S & BB


To each of You—

Thank you for your patience and understanding… and extra copies.




At a time when our family needed support, you were there.

Thank you,

FB & Family


John, Thank you so much for your time and help during our difficult time.

The Family of VW


Dear Nelson’s –

What a joy to have met your both—making pre-need arrangements for our aunt and uncle made things so much easier when the time cam to bid farewell to WW.



I want to thank you for offering this wonderful service of cremation for our much loved pets especially for big doggies like “S” and I  was so happy and grateful to see her returned in a nice “container”.

I wanted to let you know how much it meant knowing you took very good care of my “S”—

Thank you very much, P


Dear John & Tanya

We want to thank you for all you did to help when our dog “Y” passed. You made it so easy to bear. Thank you for all her care.

w/love and appreciation




John, thank you so much for your kind assistance with arrangements for my Aunt K, and her dogs. It was obviously a rotten time, but you did make it easier and I am so grateful….

Warmly BR


Dear John & Tanya,

Just a note to say hi and I also want to thank you both for all you have done for me when M passed away.

You both gave me a lot of comfort and support and I am glad to have you as my friends…

God Bless



John, Thank You!!

As a member of the community, I wanted you to know your kindness do the “W” family did not go unnoticed.



Dear John and Tanya

Thank you so much for all you have done. You have gone the extra mile. I know I can depend on you for help and answer any questions I might have. (My husband) is smiling down on us with all the love and caring that has been given his family.

God Bless you,

Love, DA and Family


Thanks for all of the help. You made a hard thing much better.



Nelson Family,

Thank you so much for your help and generosity in taking care of “A” for us. Your kindness will not be forgotten.


K & JP



Thank you so much for taking care of our mother GJ. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help getting us through this painful time.

R & TM

R & RO


Dear John,

Just a quick note to let you know how grateful we are for all the things that you did for us at a time that we needed all the help we could get. What a pleasure to have a person in our lives of your honesty and integrity.

Our sincere thanks,




J and I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for us. In our time of sadness, you helped to say a beautiful goodbye to our precious little girl, “KM” Your warm heart and kindness have been such a comfort to us.

God bless you and your family,



To John & Tanya

Thank you again for your help in making “S” transition very peaceful.


RW + S whole Family.


John & Staff

You did a wonderful job for D and his family.

EM & Family


Dear John & Tanya,

Thank you so much for your help with the guest book and equipment to show pictures at our Family’s Memorial. Everything went well! The Family was pleased

Love, DA


Thank you for your help when my sister “R” passed.

Best of all in the new year.



Dear John

D & I want to let you know how much we appreciate your part in making the service for D such a great tribute to a wonderful person.

It was really done nicely and you helped make a tough time for us a little easier.

You did everything we asked & it all went as planned.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely, D& LS


Dear John & Tanya,

My family and I would like to express our sincerely appreciation and gratitude for the funeral service that you provided for my beloved husband, J.

Your expertise and the professional way that you handled all of the arrangements and details for J's funeral service was exemplary.

I am especially grateful that you were able to expedite the arrangements at Willamette National Cemetery for J’s interment. Thank You!

I would highly recommend your Mortuary and you to anyone…


JN and family


Dear Nelson’s

Thank you for every thing you’ve done. You have a wonderful caring touch. The rose on the bed was very sweet and touched the hearts of our family,

Thank You!

The family of AK


We want to Thank you for the time and caring you showed us.

We felt so comfortable leaving our M with you.

C & SM


Pres. Nelson

Thank you for all the help you gave to me and also to “C”. No words can express all the work you did for my family.

Thanks again,



Dear John & Tanya

 Thank you so much for all your help with the details of my mother’s passing. It has taken 8 months to get to the final ash interment and you have been there for me the whole time. It means so much to have friendly & local people to help with all of this. My family & I really appreciate everything you have done for us

Best always



Dear John & Tanya

Thank you both for your kindness during the recent passing of JN. Your warmth and caring toward J and the whole family was appreciated! You were there for all of us during the difficult time.

Thank you!


& the whole N family!


John and Tanya

I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for all of your help and guidance over the last several months.

Your caring and kindness have made a very hard situation more bearable.

Thank you again



We thank you both for your patience last Thursday evening as I spent time with Dad and arranged photos; it was dinner time and after hours, but you both were very gracious and kind—Thank you so much…

John, your service for Dad and the words and scriptures you chose honored him and were a great comfort to us- Thank you for making the long trip up and back, and for your kindness to us- you and Tanya are special people..

In His Love,

G and BK


Dear John & Family,

I want to thank you for all you did for my family. You went above and beyond the call of duty. You gave us all so much support which made it easier for all of us. You’re such a special person, and I thank God for sending you to us. You did you much, like driving “C’ up to Eugene and to Pleasant Hill for so little! We really appreciated that.

John, just know how much we appreciate all you did for our whole family, you’re a very special guy!


VS & Family


Dear Tanya & John

Thanks again for the excellent service that you performed for my father and our family! I know again why your firm came so highly recommended.

Your extra care & attention to detail meant a lot, as well as your listening & advice.

Thank you again a& again.

Warmest regards,

SJ and Family of DLJ


Dear John,

Thank you for taking care of everything.




Dear John & Tanya

Just a note to thank you for your professional as well as your personal assistance at this time. It was so nice to know that you were only a phone call away. It is comforting to know that you share with us those same values of life. Your remarks at the graveside service were so perfect and appropriate for the occasion as they always are! You are a verbal master as well as a gifted artist in your profession! She looked so perfect. Everyone was so relieved and please to see her and enjoy that close together. Thank you so very much for making it so special.

J & LP & Family


Nelson’s Bay Area Mortuary,

On behalf of my family and myself, we would like to thank you for handling the arrangements for our mother MG. Your services were greatly appreciated.


SV & Family


I wish to thank you for the very beautiful and dignified way you removed “B” from our home on (Date).

It made it much easier on S & I

Thank you,



Dear John & Tanya

A note to Thank you for everything. His celebration of live was wonderful with nearly 150 people there.

We appreciate your caring and empathy.

God Bless You

 TE & Family


Dear President Nelson

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving our mother the memorial service she wanted and so deserved.

Your patience and kindness and your love for mom and her faith were always evident.

Our family thanks you. And for certain Mom thanks you.


TC and Family


John & Tanya

Thank you so much for your care, sensitivity, gentleness & diligence in helping me through this most difficult time of my life. I so appreciate all your help & efforts on my and J’s behalf.

All my best, P


Mr. John Nelson and the entire staff at Bay Area Mortuary:

We both wanted to thank you for your great and appreciated efforts in the arrangements you made for MDW. Thank you for your patience and understanding and especially for all the time you devoted to us

DAW       PW


Dear John & Tanya

Thank you for your kind and caring ways.

Forever grateful,



Dear John,

Thank you so much for expertise, care and concern during the time of death and the services for both our Mother and Father. Your helpfulness and assistance made the process much easier.

With sincere appreciation,

The Family of D and RS


Thank you, John and Tanya, for your compassionate support and handling of our mother's (RDW) recent passing and interment at Eagle Point National Cemetery--as you also did our father, (RGW) in  2003.

We so appreciated your guidance - both professional and personal - through these major events in our family.

With much graditude,


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Nelson

Thank you for your kindness shown during mama's death (Mrs. B.). It was so kind to have left a red rose rehind.

Thank you,

MC (daughter)

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